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Tena 61385 Stretch Bariatric Brief, 3X-Large Size 64"-95" Green

Box of 8

  • $212.99 CAD

Tena Bariatric Briefs are designed to fit larger and taller individuals with 64"-95" waist/hips. These disposable diapers are ideal for moderate to heavy incontinence, as well as fecal incontinence. Tena briefs feature the InstaDri Skin-Caring System technology, which keeps skin dry, and the Dry-Fast Dual Core technology, which rapidly absorbs urine and keeps it away from the skin. For increased skin health, these adult briefs are breathable; its cloth-like backing gentle against the skin and less noisy for wearer comfort and dignity. With its hook tab fasteners and curved elastics, Tena diapers offer a snug fit to prevent leakage and increase comfort. A wetness indicator is also included to alert caregivers when the brief needs to be changed.

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