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Tena 62321 Comfort Pad Extra

Box of 90

  • $55.99 CAD

Used for restorative care. Pads designed for light to moderate to maximum bladder and/or bowel incontinence protection. As a 2-Piece system, these pads provide a more discreet, body-close fit when worn with TENA Comfort Pants. WIDER IN THE FRONT AND BACK FOR ADDED LEAKAGE PROTECTION means less leakage and increased dignity. ANATOMICAL DESIGN & SECURE ADHESIVE STRIP means increased comfort, the ability to use personal underwear for individualized care, discretion and independence for the wearer. ADVANCED ODOUR PROTECTION. DRY FAST CORE Superabsorbent core locks in liquid quickly for increased performance. COTTON -LIKE SOFT TOP SHEET pulls in liquid to keep the wearer dry.

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