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Tena 373 Fresh Underpad, 21.5"X35.4" (55X90cm), Linen Scent, Absorbant Microbeads, Blue

Box of 150

  • $89.99 CAD

Prevents unwanted stains resultant from urinary or fecal incontinence. These pads contain TENA's proprietary Odor Control Technology which fights off bad odors with a freshly scented linen. Features specially made microbeads for superior protection against all types of liquids and fluids. The pad's inner and outer core is made from super absorbent material which quickly traps all moisture and ensures that none of the involuntary loss of bladder or fecal incontinence is transferred to the user's skin, cloth, bed sheets, furniture upholstery or a wheelchair. Ideal for any type of setting: home, hospital or skilled nursing facility.

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